Friday, January 8, 2010

The Holidays are for the dogs!

Less than a year ago Carmel came into our home, from a not so nice place. We dont know the full extent of what he went through and we never will, but he has a lot going on.

When we had our house warming party last spring we noticed Carmel's love for ripping paper, as when we were opening gifts he walked right up and started helping us. So this year we decided it was high time someone give that pup a holiday of tearing and ripping to his hearts content. We wrapped a bunch of dog toys, with recycled paper we brought home from last years family holiday events, and filled a stocking for the dogs.

Yes, I said a holiday stocking for the dogs, its super cute and we won it from It's A Vegan Dogs Life!

The other dog that lets us live here, Penney, could care less about ripping carmel "opened" all the presents for the both of them.