Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the season, and here's my reason!

I recently started a job at Macys, a cleaning job, I work for an outside company that cleans. Why am I telling my readers this? Because it has really given me perspective on the holiday season.

I have never been one for consumption, over consumption, or holiday just flat out isnt my style. But since starting my job at Macys and seeing people fight over possesions, spend $150 on a childs dress and not even look me in the eye because I am a lowly cleaner...I have made a choice. A choice that isnt far off from how things usually go, usually I get something small for Jessi and something small for my grandmother....well, no more!

This year instead of adding to the consumeristic hysteria of mass produced sweat shop items, I will be sponsoring rescued animals at Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary for my family and Jessi.

Instead of getting someone something that might just end up in their junk drawer anyway, why not give the gift of life. When you sponsor an animal you insure that animal has food and shelter and necessities for a year of its life, you will also receive a picture and bio of the animal you are sponsoring.

Hopefully someday we can make it out to Colorado to meet all of the animals they have saved, and show love to them all!
Happy Holidays! I hope some of you will choose to make your holiday season cruelty free.


bohemeanne said...

I worked in a department store for 5 years and in that time I literally told people how much I "hated" christmas. People would shudder in disbelief but this was the exact reason why. It was so much to deal with everyday seeing all the greed, and the way people looked down their noses at you-it happened to be one of the reasons why I began crafting so much.
I think it's great what you are doing. Don't lose faith in humanity this season-there are still a few of us who are still mindful.

Holistically Heather said...

awesome response bohemeanne
i forgot how awful retail was, as i havnt done it in about 8 years

i guess i also forget how the majority of people act because i live in my own little world, some folks tell me that my partner and i live under a rock...because i dont know the latest tv shows or video games or whatever other crap that is popular

Vanilla Rose said...

Twenty years ago, I briefly had a pre-Xmas job in Woolworth's and it sold fake snow in cans that actually stated on the label that it contained CFCs!!!!

Next Xmas, I want to plant a tree in December. I think chopping down trees that mostly will not live even if replanted is crazy.