Thursday, November 12, 2009

Keeping old traditions alive! Gramma passes down knitting/crocheting

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the crafts that we pass down from generation to generation, and wondering what my generation will pass down. You cant exactly call playing video games a craft now can you?

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When I was a little girl my gramma taught me how to knit, and from that day on I would carry my little plastic bag with her leftover yarn and needles in it....creating whatever ugly monstrosity I could. Every mess I made she appreciated and even still has a few "scarves" from those days. She supported me and helped me learn something that I think is slipping away, something beautiful, something unique. The idea that you can pass down trades/skills to your children and grandchildren and keep these ideas flowing and alive.

I have been thinking about all of this a lot lately, now that my gramma is sick. Thinking about how beautiful it is, that even when she is gone I will have my bag(which now is cloth instead of plastic) and my needles and yarn, to teach my children and grandchildren the same way that she taught me.

My knitting has come a long way over the years, will I ever be as good as gramma? DOUBTFUL! That woman could knit with her eyes closed, and come up with the most elaborate beautiful designs.

What skills/trades have you learned from your parents or grandparents that you want to remember and cherish forever? Everything I know, am learning now, or will ever learn has something to do with my grandmother, she inspires my every action.

Thanks gramma!


Fern said...

What a lovely thing to have learned from your grandma that you can pass down as well! I wish I learned to knit/crochet. :)

Holistically Heather said...

theres still plenty of time!
Learn now so you can share with your kids , nieces nephews whatever!

chompermom said...

My mom always did cross-stitch, and there are many quilters and seamstresses in my family. My mom's cross-stitch work is like beautiful paintings, and I have always admired it, though I don't have the patience do do crafts. I do want to make a quilt, though, someday. A memory quilt from our old clothes.

I guess another thing my mom passed down to me is a love of cooking and good food. And although my definition of "good food" has changed, and I've learned a lot of healthier ways of living (in all areas of life, not just food), I have a lot of memories and touchstones from her that are a major part of me.

My maternal grandmother died before I was born, and my dad's mom was never part of our family. So I missed the growing up with a grandma teaching you to knit and bake cookies. But my mom was in her late 30's when she had me, so she was like grandma and mom rolled into one.

I had hoped to give my son at least one nice grandma, but they've both ruined that, so we have surrogate grandmas around the world that fill in, and we try to keep things interesting.

Originals by Lauren said...

what a wonderful tribute, I am sure she is very proud of you.

Holistically Heather said...

sometimes serrogate grammas and parents are even better!
my partners parents have taken me in as their own

cooking is also another great skill passed down, unfortunately my gramma loves to cook meat and dairy, and i am vegan haha
but now I am cooking for her,and having her ask me
"what is in this, its delicious" haha
if only I could cook for her everyday, maybe she would beat this sickness!

Id love to do a quilt too, something that baffles my mind
I dont think people realize when they buy a quilt just what has gone into them, i think 1,000 is too cheap for most quilts

t-shirt quilts are supposed to be fairly easy, maybe you could try that!

Ansku said...

I loved this post.

My sweet Grandma is 89 years old and the most talented handcraft artist I know. Just like you described, she can knit and crochet with her eyes closed, she needs no patterns and, it seems, she never makes one tiniest mistake!

My Mum inherited her skills, and I'm lucky that even a part of that was passed on to me. I can only wish that one day I could come even close to either of their talent.

Knitting, sewing, crocheting - art in general - it's so much more valuable to me than money. I'm really thankful for this gift, and it makes me happy to see that other people appreciate handcrafts as well.

Beautiful hat! :)


Holistically Heather said...

i agree, all of the arts
pretty much anything is more valuable than money, to me anyway!