Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Raw Vegan Berry Pie- Use Any Berries You Love

This raw vegan berry pie is a piece of cake! (Or is that a piece of pie?)

What you will need:

12 pitted organic dates

1 c. raw organic pecans

4 c. organic berries of your choosing, I used blackberry this time!

2 avocados, nice and ripe (if you dont have avocados 2 bananas are fine, or any combination of the 2)

Ok, let's get started, grind up your pecans, to a fine crumbly powder substance, add 8 dates, and blend til its a desirable crust texture. Press your crust into the bottom and sides of your pie dish, I prefer glass pie dishes, but hey who cares what I prefer, right?

For the filling, blend 1/2- 1 c. berries, 4 dates, and avocados, mix with remaining berries (save a few if you want pretty decoration on top), fill the crust with pie mixture, and sprinkle some remaining berries on top.

Viola, a pie that noone at dinner will know isnt full of flour, sugar, and doesnt have all the nutrients baked out!


Margaret said...

Thanks for posting these delicious recipes.
I have added your site as a recommended blog on my own site.
Great work.

Jen R. said...

I've used avocados for frosting and my kids never guessed! This looks yummy!