Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Westcott Cultural Fair Syracuse NY was a blast!

Sunday we did the Westcott Street Cultural Fair and it was an absolute blast!

We chatted with a ton of people, sold an amazing amount of our stuff, and best of all answered a lot of questions about reusable menstrual pads! I love when people ask questions, and are curious, even if they have no intention of buying any, I just love to talk about them!

It was so busy that I didnt really get any chance to walk around and check out other booths, but from what I saw on the way to the bathrooms, there were some truly talented folks involved in this!

With 5 or 6 different stages there was something for everyone! On my way to the bathroom I ran directly in to a huge group of people salsa dancing to the live music, it was awesome. I heard the belly dance troupe that we saw at the Clinton Arts and Music Festival was somewhere, but I didnt really get a chance to wander. We were right in front of the main stage and the music varied all day long, it was really nice. This year was the 18th year for this fair, and I cant wait for year 19, we will be there with bells on!


The Voracious Vegan said...

WOW! This sounds and looks like so much fun!