Monday, September 28, 2009

Remsen Barn Festival Rain Or Shine The Weekend Was Mine

The Remsen, NY barn festival was this past weekend, and it was a lot of fun! Saturday the weather was gorgeous, and there was a ton of foot traffic. I had already checked the weather channel and found out that Sunday we wouldnt be so lucky, rain rain rain! We got there late Sunday morning, trying to wait out the serious downpour, which didnt happen. It rained while we set up, it rained while we were there, and it POURED while we took down. Thankfully a new found friend went and got us some hay to lay down in our tent to keep the stream at bay, kind of. Overall it was a great weekend and I learned a few more things about doing craft fairs outdoors.

The major lesson that I learned, if it is gorgeous outside and you dont want the sides on your tent, find a way to block out whatever funky background is behind your tent. It's just too bad I didnt learn this lesson until just now and I was looking at the photographs of our tent, I think the cars behind us really took away from our display!

Be prepared for ANYTHING, when I say bring extra shoes and clothes, I mean it. I am so happy that I decided to set up my entire tent barefoot and put my dry clean shoes on afterwards. I usually remember extra shoes and socks, and its gorgeous outside, this weekend it rained and I forgot. Go figure!

Always remember to bring healthy delicious water and snacks because trust me finding anything edible at these events, even if you arent vegan, is near impossible. I am just thankful that there was a farmer there selling organic raspberries, peaches and plums. That was a life saver, but also very rare. Dont forget to pack a breakfast, lunch and dinner if it is a long day, small light snacks all day are my preference. I am just so happy that even though we forgot those things this weekend, that we found something edible in a flurry of friend dough, hot dogs, and unidentifiable meat gyros!


RhiannonSTR said...

We went to a show over the weekend and I brought a lot of extra clothes. My husband made fun of me and asked why we needed coats - it's going to be warm. I said "You never know." Well - it was FREEZING! He was glad we brought them. I agree about the snacks too. We always pack a lunch and lots of drinks.
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Holistically Heather said...

snacks snacks and clothes
sometimes it will get hot sometimes it will turn to freezing and rainy, you never know!!!!