Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's my birthday!! Ill have a sale if I want to, sale if I want to

You would too..... hahaha

today is my birthday
get 10% off in either of my shops and all you have to do is type happy birthday in the notes to seller...then wait for a revised invoice!
also my 250th sale in my holisticallyheather shop will get a special gift with their order!!!

So what is the plan for today? How will I be spending my birthday? Instead of the usual depressing, waiting by the phone for someone in my family to remember, I will be spending the day with Jessi's family. Who by the way are pretty much the best handful of people I have ever been in contact with. I don't exactly know what we are doing, its all hush hush and many secrets and whisperings on the phone...I hate secrets hahaha, I just want to know!

Though really knowing Jessi's mom, she will bake me some random cake that is my favorite, and make a feast of all my favorite foods she has learned to cook for us over the past couple years. Yes that's right, we broke her, the woman who refused to even acknowledge veganism not only makes vegan food every sunday for us, but now loves our vegan cheese sauce that we make from nutritional yeast! She who wouldnt even try anything because it was "cacky" is now not only trying things but making them when we aren't around!

***OK, I wont lie, I did hear Jessi's mom on the phone (she basically SCREAMS into the phone) and I heard a little something about vegan chickun parmasean, which is pretty much the most delicious thing she makes, EVER!!


STUFF said...

Happy Birthday :D

Holistically Heather said...

thank you!!!

nikid said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day!

Holistically Heather said...

thanks, i cant wait to go to jessi's parents
ill come back with photos of all the glorious creations!!!

RockinMamaBG said...

Happy Birthday :-)