Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A birthday to remember, seriously, one of the best of my entire life!

As you may have read, my birthday was Sunday September 6th. It started off waking up early to make vegan breakfast sandwhiches for ourselves. We had gone to a local vegan restraunt the night before and were horribly disappointed with their breakfast sandwhich. (which stinks because we were really looking forward to going there!)

So I thought it would be a good idea to make our own for cheaper, and not have "egg" and "breakfast sausage" the size of half dollars on a big ole english muffin. (why do restraunts always do that, they start out with good portions for a decent price, then they cut corners...and apparently cut out customers too!)

We made the most delicious birthday breakfast ever, and topped it off with a half an avocado each, yum! We sat out in the backyard enjoying our breakfast, while the dogs ran around the yard chasing the beautiful chirping birds.

Dont worry, our dogs are less than graceful and couldnt catch a dead fly! After our delicious, peaceful breakfast, we headed inside to feed the mutts and get them ready for a long day without us. Made sure their toys were in plain sight and all plants in windows were secured!! Then it was time to head over to Jessi's parents house, with much anticpation! We arrived and of course Jessi's mom had the house cleaned spotlessly, and was already getting ready to cook our dinner. She opened the refrigerator to show me what she had made, the first thing she pulled out were little cakes, topped with fruit, and vegan fruit rollups, made to look like sushi!

All because she knows how much I love sushi, now these cakes were pretty awesome, and tasted delicious too!

She is such a creative woman and really worked hard to make my birthday special, because she knows that I have a really hard time with my birthday. Oh, you thought she was done, that was it, HAH! The next thing she pulled out of the refrigerator were little terracotta pots full of vegan ranch dressing and baby carrots, but she made them look like they were growing by poking a hole in the end of each carrot and inserting a sprig of parsley!

Who comes up with this stuff? Jessi's mom does! So so cute and creative, and not to mention the dip was delicious and I ate half of everybody else's along with mine!

What was next? What else could this woman have possibly made/done for me? She pulled out my favorite dinner, vegan chickun parmasean! Yummy yum yum, too bad my camera batteries died and I couldnt for the life of me find batteries around the house! She also made me the most delicious cake I have ever had in my life, a vegan mint chocolate ice cream cake! I hate to admit it, because I bake too, but I think its the best cake I have ever had.

I guess in big Italian families like Jessi's it is tradition to have a large fancy setup on the table for holidays and special occassions, so they went all out with a pretty pink table cloth, fancy wine glasses (full of shirley temples, the only way I will drink soda...and dont forget im straightedge and dont drink! So it's nice to have a fancy drink on my birthday), dripless candles burning with a low light setting.

It was a beautiful setup and meant more to me than they could ever possibly know or understand, not to mention absolutely delicious and creative. I love having some aspect of creativity in everything that I do, and that was really cool and I really felt loved on my birthday. Really an overall amazing feeling!

Oh wait Heather, there must have been gifts involved?!?!?!?

Of course there were, and I felt really uncomfortable opening gifts in front of a room full of people, but I knew I couldnt get out of it, so I did!

Pretty much every single person got me an animal related card, Jessi's card had two dogs on it that look exactly like our dogs, one of which was in the dishwasher while the other was on lookout. That sounds about right, for our house! Jessi also got me a wafflemaker, because I had told her I have never had homemade waffles, which is true...but I also think she got it for me as a hint to make her some waffles, shes been on a kick with them lately! Jessi's mom got me some really nice table cloths for when I do craft fairs, along with a blooming flower tea set exactly like the one we bought her for Mother's Day. She knew I wanted one so bad but couldn't afford it, she rocks! Jessi's little cousin drew me 2 pictures, one was full of little colored hearts and read "far hadr", and the other had little foam animals glued to it. So sweet! Jessi's sister, Jen, brought me some more Shea Butter, and in the card wrote that it was for my big booty! HAHA, we always joke about my butt, because one time in a craft store I knocked over an entire display!

Overall this was probably the best birthday I have ever had, thank you for reading about my big day and sharing it with me!


nikid said...

Glad you had a nice day! Sounds like fun!

The Voracious Vegan said...

That really does sound like an amazing birthday! Any day that includes that amazing breakfast sandwich would be pretty good in my book. Seriously, that thing is intense! And I loooove those sushi cupcakes, so adorable! And I want one of those ranch cups, yum!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Sounds awesome. Happy belated! :)

Winklepots said...

The cakes and carrots are such a cute idea! What a fab birthday! By the way, it was my sister's birthday on Sunday too. :o)

AMIdesigns said...

We share a birthday! I was 40 on Sunday 6th and had a lovely day with family. Glad you had such a lovely day too :D

Holistically Heather said...

awesome to know folks i share birthdays with
happy belated!!!
it was such a great day, i almost cant wait until next year :)

audreyscountrycrafts said...

The food looks great! Happy belated BirthDay!!

Cherilyn Ferroggiaro said...

Happy "belated" Birthday! Looks like you had a great time. :)

Vegan Mama said...

Whoa, Jessi's mom rocks!! Those sushi treats, afreakingmazing!!

Dee said...

WOW...what a sandwich!