Sunday, August 2, 2009

What a wild and crazy day for a family reunion!

Today was Jessis family reunion that I was SUCKERED into attending! After waking up to the neighbor children screaming at the top of their lungs at 8 am for about 20 minutes, we showered and got ready to head to the family shin dig. It was a little over an hour away and I am feeling a bit under the weather so we hopped in my grammas truck and headed out there. Half way there we found out that it is $8 to park at the state park the party was at, so we decided to park about 4 miles away at my grandmothers camp and bike to the party.

It was raining but it was a nice quick ride. When we got there Jessi pointed out that my tire was flat, darn! I hate flat tires, especially since I LIVE to ride my bike! So we decided we would walk to the close by gas station and patch it up real quick and fill it with air....that was until we realized that it was so flat that the tire wouldnt stay we asked one of jessis cousins for a ride.


We arrived at the gas station and soon after we found the air pump. Parked and started filling my tube back up, we heard a loud LOUD loud boom bang crash. It sounded like a car crash does in the movies, it was LOUD! What was this loud noise? It was 2 guys that had apparently been arguing, one got into his truck and backed into the other vehicle, then continued to floor it, pull forward and smash it again. It startled me so much that I overfilled my bike tire and popped it!

We decided that we were obviously destined to pay to park at the party and Benji drove us back to gramams camp to get the truck, we ate some yummy vegan salad that jessis mom made us...enjoyed our day...and we will just have to fix my bike tomorrow! Wonder what happened to the fighting, car crashing maniacs....just glad they didnt hurt anyone in the process while they were acting a fool!


Kate8085 said...

YIKES! I hear noises like that
and hit the deck..I always think someone is shooting at me. haha.
Nothing is worse than a flat bike tire, I feel your pain!

nikid said...

Ouch! Hope the rest of your day went smoothly! Happy riding! :O)