Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clinton Arts and Music Festival in Clinton NY rainy rainy day

After a couple months of working my butt off (LITERALLY...I think I even lost weight sewing haha...its all the rage, the new exercise to lose pounds!) it was time for the Clinton Arts and Music Festival yesterday. I had slept a combined total of 5 hours the two nights before and rolled out of bed at 6am, to head over to the site.

We dragged our tired bodies behind us to unload the truck and begin fighting with the tent (which was new and during our practice round, I believe the tent won!). This was our first outdoor show, so when I saw that we were on a hill wedged between a house and a big shrub, I was a bit nervous, and mildly annoyed. But we got the tent set up, after having help from a handful of folks nearby (who saved the day because there was a certain button that we just didn't find, I felt a little stupid when they showed us hahah...chalked it up to lack of rest and nervousness haha) The tents are really pretty cool, you can adjust the height on each separate leg, which made being on a hill a lot easier!

Now that we finally had the tent set up, it was time to pull out my chicken scratch diagram I had drawn the day before. This diagram was to remind us exactly how we setup the tables and items during our practice round, too lazy to grab the camera I suppose. I am part of the CNY Etsy Team and we had a booth with information about our team, I just so happened to be across from it, able to check it out easily and chat with the folks watching over the booth.

Jessis mom of course showed up to help with setup and shes more of a perfectionist than we are!

No sooner than we got our tent up and everything in it about set, it started to rain, raining for a good chunk of time. It eventually cleared up and the foot traffic was much better.

One of our jewelry making friends from a couple of indoor shows we have done made her way to our tent to say hello and invite us to her wedding in October! Which was really sweet, and I am super excited as I have never been to a wedding before, and some of our mutual friends will be there! We also ran into a couple that I have known for about 10 years, and it was really nice to see them and their 2 little additions to the family. They are always so welcoming, smiley and warm!

A couple hours later we receive word that a big storm is coming, Jessi and I being the troopers that we are decided, eh we can wait it out! We walked around and asked some other CNY Etsy Team members what they plan to do, they are leaving, except for Dan (ddb7), he's gonna wait it out with us. So we pull the items as far from the front opening as possible and prepare for the downpour, and boy oh boy did we get it.

We were of course going to stand our ground and wait it out, until Jessis aunt showed up and offered to buy is Indian food! We were hungry, broke and didn't have squat left at home to eat (our CSA box isn't until Monday), so we decided it would be ok to eat some deliciously un-raw cuisine for the day!

So we packed up, wet and defeated by our hunger and better judgement and took off to get some delicious Indian food. We had never been to this particular Indian Restaurant but we have been to the other one in New Hartford that has the same owner. It is pretty much the best Indian food I have found in this part of NY, tho Schenectady might be the best Ive found in the country!

Overall had a decent day and learned a lot, as this was our first outdoor show. Jessi agreed, we LOVE outdoor shows. I cant wait until next weekend, when we set up at Veg Fest in Syracuse, NY!

Have any ideas of critiques of our setup? Any advice? Please feel free to leave a comment, I would really appreciate some criticism, critiques or just plain ole advice! I am thinking that for Veg Fest I want to try a setup where one table is at the front of my tent, and one comes off of that like an L shape, so people can see some of my items as they walk by...good idea?


Christie Cottage said...

It looks great to me!

I bought some plastic "lace" table cloths (matching white ones) to cover my tables when it rains at outdoor shows. They work great.

I have found that when you wait it out at shows, you get sales to other vendors who may not have a dry spot. They come under my canopy and hang out and while they aer there, they look under my "lace" cloths :-)

Thanks for posting on my Sunday Blog Blast thread!

Holistically Heather said...

yeah thats not a bad idea at all, to have something that doesnt look bad (ex. lace-type fabric) to cover things!
great idea, thanks

karen said...

Looks good after set up I would hang streamers or chinese lanterns inside the tent and outside if ambitious to draw attention to your colourful artwork!

Holistically Heather said...

thats a great idea karen!
ive been looking for some sort of lighting
wherre do i get strings of lanterns?

Linda said...

Great post. Hope you had a successful day.

nikid said...

Looked nice! Too bad the weather was not great!