Thursday, August 20, 2009

Canoeing Swimming and Playin Some Frisbee

What a great day it was, we woke up bright and early (for us anyway) and headed out with our canoe and frisbee! We dragged the dogs into the canoe and paddled our way on over to "our spot" where we can jump off a sand bar into the water. Penney has recently become a huge fan of swimming, which is odd because she used to HATE it! She must have retrieved the frisbee 50 times out of the lake, while Carmel layed down and was his lazy self. Carmel is so lazy, when we threw him in the water, he just sank.....he refused to lazy!!! It was a great day, minus the fact that I got my very first sunburn! OUCH!

Penney hunts, well she hunts for lilly pads! Its so cute, she brings them back to me all proud!

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