Sunday, August 9, 2009

5 days no rain, finally! Adventures all weekend long!

Yesterday was a great day! Not too hot, not raining and the humidity didnt choke us as we walked the dogs to the park.

The park is only about a mile walk, and when we got there we took out the frisbees and let the dogs off their leashes (dont tattle on us hah) The dogs LOVE frisbee, even old man jones (we call carmel that cause hes old). They played frisbee until they were both panting and ready to lay down, then we headed down the park trail to the spot where we let them grab a drink from a moving stream. We were all really excited to head over to the swimming hole we had found the day before, but alas it was full of eager kids of all ages splashing around and having a blast! Penney isnt so fond of kids, so we decided to wait on the whole swimming idea until there arent as many folks around.

We headed over to the fountain pond that the dogs like to jump in, and there was a couple of kids awkwardly groping each other near the fountain. I guess the panting dogs splashing around in the water ruined the mood, as they moved on shortly after we showed up. Penney is great, we tell her to get the critter, she jumps in the water and brings us back trash that people left behind.

Penney doesnt like smooches :(

We turn around hearing kids saying "doggies doggies". Because a lot of parents let their kids just run full force up to dogs they dont know I am always on the lookout (or have my ears peeled!) When we turn around we see not only kids running toward the dogs, but an entire drunken wedding party, clearly coming to get their photo taken in front of the murky watered fountain. We drag the dogs out of their play time and sit on a nearby hill waiting for them to finish up their photo-op. We share some yummy water with the dogs as they rest on the hillside waiting for their turn with the pond.

The wedding party finally leaves, leaving behind various plastic cups and about 20 different beer cans, scattered all over the lawn next to the fountain. This is mildly irritating to me, as it always annoys me to see how selfish people are when they are stuck in their own little world. There are tons of kids in the park that dont really need any more incentive or encouragement to start drinking, "cause it's cool". But thats a different rambling-vent for a different day!

We toss the frisbee in the water for the dogs a handfull of times before Carmel just lays down and starts eating grass, I guess "old man jones" is tired. Now comes the fun part, dragging his old butt home! Ive heard of dogs pulling, to get ahead, but never having to literally drag a dog down the street because they are so lazy. He is definately the Garfield of dogs!

How does he prove he is the Garfield of dogs? As soon as we get home he goes right to his food dish and waits for his servants (the humans) to fill his dish with yummy organic veggie dog food! After they are fed and watered we head out back for some more frisbe, I swear Penney could play for hours and hours without ever getting tired! Carmel on the other hand lays under the lawn chairs and snores the entire time we are out back.

We take a look at our garden and realize we have some weeding to do, so we pull weed after weed. Some of the weeds were choking our snap peas that for some reason wouldnt grow up the poles we provided them. After like an hour of weeding, we finally decide its time to harvest some yummies!!! The carrots are looking great, especially since we have never attempted carrots before. Even tho we know the carrots arent ready or big and juicy we decide to pull a couple out and taste them. I dont know if its the soil, or what but they are THE sweetest tastiest carrots I have ever had! I cant wait for them to grow a bit more so I can juice them and start out my morning with some yummy carrot celery juice!

What else did we harvest, besides the carrots that I cant stop thinking about? Some snap peas, HUGE green beans (I MEAN HUGE), some cherry tomatoes (sweet as could be) and some lettuce that has been waiting to be eaten for a few weeks now. (we arent huge lettuce fans, especially since we get like 3 huge heads in our CSA every week!)


Dionne said...

Sounds like a fun time out - it's good when the humidity is bearable and you can take advantage of the great weather.

Those snap peas look awesome! ANd the tomatoes. Look how bright and red they are! Yum!

It's All In The Blog said...

i know, just delicious!!!!
today it is POURING rain!
and penney kept me up all night because she is scared of thunder and lightening!
im tired and its raining
oh well, perfect day to sew!