Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vegan Etsy Team Blog Giveaway, great for vegans, non vegans, curious eaters, crafters, and even aliens too!

Vegan Etsy Team is a pretty awesome team of vegan etsy sellers, many of us even donate a portion of our profits to animal sanctuaries. If you go to etsy and search veganetsy team, you can find all of the shops on our team and so many handmade goodies! All vegan, all the time! Vegan Etsy Team is also in the VegNews Survey for this year, please be sure to swing on by Veg News and vote for us!!! Now down to the original reason for this post, the latest Vegan Etsy Team Blog Giveaway!!! Click here to enter!! You can win a prize pack of vegan samples from some of the vegan etsy team members! Good luck, and dont forget to find us on etsy!


mvegan said...
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mvegan said...

wesome, I love Veg News and Vegan Etsy, of course!!! Voted! ;0) Michele

RockinMamaBG said...

Tag your it!! I was tagged so now I'm tagging you. You are supposed to write 10 things about your self & then tag 10 others :-)