Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Local Organic Dill

I dont know what it is, but I LOVE the smell of dill. Well, I love the taste as well, but it just doesnt compare to the smell. I swear if someone would make some dill perfume I would wear it everyday! This is a short little post just appreciating dill and its many uses and wonders!

Love dill too? Tell us about it! What do you like to do with dill? Have any recipes that are to die for?


Vegan Mama said...

hee hee!! Dill perfume!! You can make a dill salve and wear it as perfume... or dill lip balm!?
I love to grow herbs just to smell them. Occasionally I will use some. I made an herb butter the other day and it is super tasty on homemade bread :0)
You can make dill butter, use it on pasta, etc. I guess if you are doing raw summer, then you can make a dill pesto and use it on stuff. You can use fresh dill in a dip, like mix it with cashew butter, season it up with a bit of lime or lemon juice, and whatever other seasonings you want and use it for a veggie dip... ok, I'm totally starving now. Must go eat.

It's All In The Blog said...

im so hungry!!!!!
i am going to see if the co-op will special order this raw organic "ice cream" for me!!!