Friday, July 24, 2009

Bluegrass Band Full Of Talented Musicians The Maybelles

Utica Monday Night is a really great program in my city that promotes art and music, all while bringing the community together to enjoy free events every Monday!

This year has been the first year that I have actually been in town long enough to enjoy these awesome events. We were at a local coffee shop, The Tramontane, about a month ago and stumbled upon the little Utica Monday Night brochure. We quickly snagged it and perused it when we got home, hoping for something that we might like. We immediately fixated on a 3 piece bluegrass band, making a mental note and trying so hard not to forget to make it down to Hannah Park.

So the day came, we pittered around the city, picking up some veggies from a local organic farm, taking gramma to chemo therapy and eventually making our way down to Hannah Park. We plopped our tired butts down in the grass and joked around and waited for the music to start.

The Maybelles came out, Jan on guitar, Melissa on upright bass, and Katy Rose on violin. They immediately blew us away, playing some old time tunes and even doing a couple covers of Hank Williams, Wanda Jackson and others.

Each member of The Maybelles can both play their instrument and sing at the same time, which has always been amazing to me.

When they were done we ran over and bought their cd out of an old suitcase adorned with pretty scarves and a boa draped on the back. Melissa handed us a little card with all of their tour dates on it, and we noticed that next they were playing about 2 hours from Utica in Ithaca, NY. Jessi said, "lets go, we havnt been to Ithaca in ages and havnt done that much this summer" So that was that, we were heading to Ithaca to see them again!

We headed to Ithaca, and after a long 2 hour drive we were good n' hungry. We drove around for 2 hours looking for this vegan joint that I found online that we thought might be good, finally gave up on that one. Then we asked some locals, and they directed us to this famous vegetarian place that had been around for 30+ years. They seated us and we took a peek at the menu, not only did they serve fish, but they had 2 things that were vegan 1 was a burrito for $15, the other was a stew for $15. That's pretty pricey and I dont even like burritos, so we ended up going to the local food co-op and getting some premade package garbage to eat. It was decent but not the healthy whole foods we are used to!

We headed over to the bar where they were playing and had the bartender make us a couple shirley temples, and sat around waiting for the bands to start. The Maybelles showed up and immediately recognized us, we chatted and played some pool waiting for the show to start.

The opening bad Zipwire, a local Ithaca band, played a great set, then the Maybelles played for a little over an hour, well worth the drive! We gave them hugs and wished them well on their tour before speeding off into the night for our long long long 2 hour drive back home to Utica! If you are into bluegrass or old country or anything in between, you might really like The Maybelles, I cant wait for them to come back again!