Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Raw Vegan Rabbit Salad


Half Head of organic cabbage (green or red, i love red but we only have green)
3 or 4 portabella mushrooms
2 tsp. mustard seeds (brown and yellow if possible)
organic raw olive oil
organic balsamic vinegar
organic fresh garlic
bunch of green onion
fresh spinach
dash basil
dash oregano
salt and pepper, if you need it, we dont usually use them

This recipe is super easy, and delicious. Marinate the portabellas in enough oil and balsamic vinegar to coat them fully, along with the basil, oregano, pepper, mustard seeds, and some salt and pepper if needed. I like to let mine sit overnight, but if you are in a crunch, just let them marinate a couple of hours. Then cut up your spinach, green onion, and cabbage, toss them with the portabellas, adding more oil and vinegar when necessary! Perfect lunch for a picnic or a nice summer day.


cabin + cub said...

Looks yummy! ;)