Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Penney the dog meets squink the crow

Penney frantically ran into my bedroom the other day, and woke me up. She was barking and whining and whimpering, basically all the things she does when A. I get home from being away for a little while B. there is a critter nearby that she would like to hunt **So, I ignored her, figuring it was a critter in the backyard that she thinks she can catch and eat. She came back in the room doing the same about 3 minutes later, so I dragged myself out to the front window (which you can see most of the porch from) and there sat a little crow.

Squawking and squawking its little booty off. I slowly crept out my apartment door and opened the front door to the porch. The little birdie just stood there squawking, didnt fly away or I hear intense squawking from the tree in front of our was about 20 big crows squawking at me.

Must have been their way of getting me away from their little lost crow-baby. I backed off, went in the house and got ready to go to my grammas house, when I went to leave the crow was gone. I was talking to some friends and they are pretty sure this little guy was learning to fly!

So cute.