Sunday, June 28, 2009

Indie Garage Sale Was Slow But Fun Fun Fun, Craft Fair Tips

Yesterday I participated in the Indie Garage Sale, here in Utica, it was my second time participating in this particular fair. It is held in downtown Utica in an old art gallery, a long space about half as wide as it is long. It is perfect for a crafter on each side of the corridor all the way down, and supprisingly wasnt TOO hot, it could have been worse. Some of my baked yummies, like my vegan rice krispie treats, melted a bit and became a rice krispie granola instead haha. The one down side to this space is that there is no bathroom, so that means after 8 hours of being there, it's almost an emergency type situation! Overall the day was decent, not a whole lot of people came, I think because it is so close to graduation and there were 2 other events going on in Utica the same day. On the bright side, I did meet some new people and had a lot of fun talking with people that somewhat similar interests as I do. I also found out from some friends that are also on the CNY ETSY team that there are some awesome fairs coming up around here! Which means excitement, and time to get busy and make some amazing stuff to sell!

Here's what I am hoping to be a part of this summer:

Clinton Arts and Music Festival

Utica Music and Arts Fest

Westcott Cultural Fair

Syracuse VegFEST

So with all of these fairs coming up, I need to get my little fingers ready to sew sew sew create create create!!! Are you doing a fair soon and want some tips? I have only done 3 so far, but here are some must have for a fair:

1. Scissors, pen, paper, marker, tape, string, thread, needle (anything you might need for a quick touch up!)
2. Lotion or body balm, for dry tired hands
3. sunscreen if you are going to be outside a lot
4. tissues, napkins, roll of toilet paper (you never know what might happen)
5. a rain poncho if its an outside show
6. appropriate clothing, bring a light jacket if it goes into the evening
7.******MOST IMPORTANT******* Bring water water water water water, and some snacks, healthy snacks like carrots, celery, cashew butter, apples, oranges, along those lines, to keep you moving all day! Stay hydrated, you cant share your craft with people if your head is spinning and you are laying on the ground!
8. Bring a camera, document your day, and if you take nice photos and make a blog post, please be sure to come let me know! I always try to remember my camera, sometimes i fail hah
9. I recommend NOT using a cash box, too many people have sticky fingers, I recommend a cute little vendors apron. I got mine from Red Paper Record
10. Calculator if you need one to add up your prices!
11. Credit card imprinter and necessities (which I dont yet have!)
12. Business Cards
13. Offer a raffle for an item, then people can enter and be signed up for a mailing list, so you can send them future offers!
14. bags for purchases ( i like to reuse plastic bags from the grocery store recycling bins)
15. Reciepts (carbon copy ones)
16. Tent if its an outdoors event, 7+ hours in the hot and sun would be killer!
17. price each item, i hate asking what everything costs and im sure most other do too!
18. your display items, mannequins, dress forms etc.
19. Mirrors for customers to use
20. Tables chairs, nice table cloths
21. **small trash can***
22. Practice setting up your table, make it look nice, and get second and third opinions!
23. get everything ready and by the door the night before, get a good nights sleep and dont forget breakfast!!!
24. Almost forgot have PLENTY of change, I say about 10 10's. 20 5's and 50 1's atleast! depending on the show size!!!
25. Added on by Originals By Lauren, have a nice visible sign. What if a friend sends another friend there to see your amazing work, and cant find you!! Lauren had someone make her a wood sign, pretty awesome. My wheels are turning for cool ideas for a sign to put in my booth!
most importantly HAVE FUN!!!


veganessa said...


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I like the look of your blog, very summery.

Christie Cottage said...

It looks and sounds ike you had fun!

Small Town Mamma said...

Great post! I love doing markets (haven't done any big craft shows yet). But I totally forgot sunscreen last Saturday and my neck is burnt to a crisp! Tsk tsk... I never let the kids out of the house without hat and sunscreen!

The Hookie Monster said...

Great advice! I haven't done a show yet, but am thinking about setting some up later on in the year, around christmas time - I guess the sunscreen won't be quite as necessary then!

PoseyPatch said...

My advice would be to act interested but not over-bearing. Let customers know you are there to help, but that it's OK just to look too.

originalsbylauren said...

now I can place a face to the name.
I do remember your booth, wish I had realized. I have another tip from years of shows, have a sign made. That way if customers are looking for you they can find you easier, sometimes a friend might recommend your booth and they need to know it is you. You might already have one, but I didn't see it on your list. I traded with a woodworker to get mine made. Now it hangs in my sewing room.

Elo said...

I love doing craft fairs too! Thanks for your tips! I have a tip too: Go with somebody else to help you to set up! And it's good to have somebody there when you have to go to the bathroom!!!!

Elissa said...

Hi love the blog. Good idea about the apron for keeping cash! Have my first fair coming up on 14th and am a little nervous. Anyhoo am off to make an apron x