Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blue Mountain Adirondacks Ny

3 young folks (myself included, and yes I STILL consider myself young along with Jessi and her friend Tasha) 1 old dog(affectionately known as Carmel or Old Man Jones) and one young hyper pup named Penney all hopped into Tasha's car for the 2 hour drive to Blue Mountain early Saturday morning.

After a 2 hour ride in the car, we piled out and got ready for our hike. Carmel (old man Jones) has never been on a hike before, in fact when we got him he had never even been on a walk!!

We started up the mountain, full of excitement and wonder, as none of us had hiked this particular mountain before.

The hike started out dry and a decent challenge as we all scaled up rocks with various amounts of stability, then soon we hit the snow and ice. Let's just say, we all fell a couple of times here and there, but we will never forget our snowy icy day on the side of Blue Mountain!

I fell through the snow one time, and it went all the way up to my knee, with my foot in the running stream below it. After about 5 hours of good challenging hiking we decided we couldnt go any further ( we literally ran into a vertical sheet of ice) Deciding to turn around at that point was a good choice, as by the time we were about 20 minutes from the bottom of the mountain Carmel started laying down and stopping every 50 feet or so! I cant wait to get back up there and make it to the top....we are waiting for the snow and ice to melt first!


AMIdesigns said...

wow! great pics and it looks stunning. exhausting but stunning:)