Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 vegans a canoe some snacks and a sunny day!

Yesterday was the perfect day for my first trip in our new canoe! I have never been in a canoe before, and was HORRIFIED! I am pretty scared of water, so it was to be a test... It was a clear day, not too windy and about 75 degrees. We packed the canoe on top of our truck (yes we lifted a 200+ pound canoe by ourselves!) and strapped it down really tight for our hour drive to the lake! We packed some bananas, hummus, and pita bread for snacking, along with 4 bottles of water. (the pita bread was disgusting and we should have gone with carrots to dip in the live you learn!) When we got there we drove the truck right up to the water, unloaded the canoe and got ready to "set sail". This was the scary part, getting into the vessel. But Jessi held it steady while I plopped my big ole booty in the canoe, it went much smoother than I had expected!

We started paddling all over, headed toward the lake first, but quickly remembered why we dont like crowded public areas, (that even happens on the open water) and headed toward the canal to find a more secluded calm spot for our canoeing adventures! We found a dream come true, channels running all over near the lake, the water was calm and there was wildlife.

The wildlife wasnt scared and running away from all of the engine boats, and it was truly beautiful. We canoed around behind a family of ducks, and it was so simple and amazing to watch the mother protect her little cuties. One adult would swim in front, then the 8 ducklings, then another adult. Keeping lookout and making sure their babies were safe. Those simple things seem to fly by us when we are in the hustle and bustle of everyday civilized life. These are the things I want to stop and appreciate more, the beauty and the splendor of mother nature and her crazy little creatures.

We paddled our way by a man in a lawn chair, who bid us a good day, and I informed him it was my first time in a canoe. The man said "well you are already doing much better than I did on my first trip, I was under the canoe doggy paddling with the canoe flipped over my head!" We had a chuckle and paddled on. We accidentally beached ourselves a couple of times, but it was fine with us because now we found a secluded spot for swimming!

After about 4 intense hours in the canoe we decided to call it a day, we had dogs to snuggle and we were hungry hungry hippos. No sooner than we decided to call it a day, it started to get really windy and hard to paddle. I guess we made good choices when deciding to leave hah. We packed up our little ship and headed to Jessis parents for vegan kielbasa, saurkraut and spicy brown!



tales from an oc cottage said...

HA! Your post title sounds like the beginning of a joke! Love it!

M ^..^