Friday, March 6, 2009

Vegan Sample Bags!!!!

Vegan Samples website is now up and functioning!!!
Here is a little blurb from their blog:

After a lot of hard work and possibly losing half of my head of hair....the vegan samples website is up and functional!!! Any critiques and tips are appreciated, please email them to
It is getting very hectic and exciting on this end, getting all of the samples in the mail and getting them ready for the bags. The bags are almost all stitched now, and came out really nice. Please remember to vote for the animal sanctuary you would like to see the money go to! And under current contributors we have folks whose items we have already received up and ready to peek at!
Interested in signing up to send samples? Please email us at
Vegan Samples Blog


vindaviper said...

Hi, I saw your want ad on etsy, I don't have an account yet, but wanted to tell you to try 'heavenly hats' for the cancer hats - they give them for free.