Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crazy Life Of Holistically Heather

Things around here have been INSANE!!! So not only do I have my second craft fair this Saturday (which I am not nearly ready for!), but on Sunday we are moving! Last week I spent most of my time caring for my grandmother who isnt doing so great, which is really taking a toll on me, as she is my only family. So things are crazy crazy, and I feel like I have kind of fallen off of the face of blogspot haha. I am working on some new projects, and I cant wait to have my new apartment all set up and create some new Holistically Heather items! My new project is pretty cool, if I do say so myself hah. Vegan Craft Samples is a new way to advertise for indie crafters!! Crafters send in samples or their craft, and I put them in handmade and handpainted reusable bags, then they are sold on Etsy and Our Website, then 10% of the money will go to an animal sanctuary which is voted for on our blog! Everything is coming together really well so far, and I have all of the bags made and painted!

The next round of bags will start right after these ones go on sale, April 14th. We will be looking for all different crafty sample submissions, and folks who want to spread the word about their shop, and help animals! The second bag is due to go on sale in the beginning of August, and the 3rd and final one of the year will be coming out just in time for holiday season promotion!!! Please email me if you are interested in promoting your craftiness! ecosampler@yahoo.com