Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome Carmel

Welcome Carmel!!

We got ourselves a new dog yesterday! My aunt passed away a couple of months ago, and he has been miserable since. I guess my aunts boyfriend just doesnt have the time to spend with him, so hes come to live with us, and be Penneys best friend! This poor dog is so depressed, lost and lonely but that will all soon change! He also has horrible skin allergies, that we are hoping we can help with a diet change and more running and long walks!

To welcome Carmel into our home we took them for a long long walk, and came home to make some yummy yummy Vegan Bacun n Cheeze dog biscuits!

We got the recipe from Emmas K9 Kitchen, she has all different dog treat recipes on her etsy, along with a super rad dog treat cookbook. We have the cookbook, and its awesome it shows you the recipe then a way to make it as a biscuit, muffin, bagel, or cookie.

How cool is that? Todays yummy bacun n cheeze we decided to make as biscuits and use heart and bone cookie cutters.

These treats are carmel tested

Penney Approved!!!


renee said...

Awww he's cute!

veganessa said...

wonderful photos, so glad you've given him a loving home.

Vegan Girl (Roni Seabury) said...

My dogs love Molly's recipes. They beg and beg for them!

Your doggie is so cute. You are very lucky!

handsewn said...

Awww what a good person you are to take him in- he's a cutie pie!