Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vegan Samples and Promotion

I recently started a new blog to promote other crafters/artists while raising money for an animal sanctuary. How does this work? I am making handmade reusable grocery totes, which will be filled with peoples sample sized/promotional items, and sold on my blog. 10% of the money will be going to an animal sanctuary, which can be voted on, right on the blog. Please check out the blog, and myspace, and even if you arent interested in sending in sample items, please help spread the word!

Vegan Samples Myspace
Vegan Samples Blog

Even if you just want to drop by the blog and vote on which sanctuary you would like to see the money go to, or would like to follow the blog to see how things go!

Please feel free to email me for more info :)

there is also an ad in the right margin of my blog here for vegan samples, please feel free to use that anywhere and link to the vegansamples blog!