Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Liz Lovely For The Win!!!

If you are ever looking to buy delicious vegan cookies, or a gorgeous gift box full of yumminess Liz Lovely is the way to go! I ordered a gift box for my partner for Valentines Day, which I dont usually celebrate but I knew I would get some yummy snacks out of the deal, and the box was chock full of chocolately goodness! First of all it came all packaged in pink with a nice cute bow, and sticker on the top

We were more than excited to tear into our 12 different packages of cookies and 3 different types of lovely oh's. What is a lovely oh, you ask? It is like an oreo or newmans o dipped in chocolate. Heavenly, yes! We got a package of each, mint, peanut butter and favorite is always mint and jessis is always peanut butter. Then we started trying the different kinds of cookies, which are huge and come 2 to a package by the way. My favorite was the ginger snapdragons- so much yummy gingerness. Jessis favorite is definately the Macaroonies- sock it to me, which are macaroons rolled in organic coconut. Need I say more? Their customer service is also tip top and if you sign up for their mailing list they will send you sales and coupons and ahhh I just cant say enough good things! Try them out, you wont be disappointed.
Here are some photos of what we received!


daniii♥ said...

mmmm I may not be vegan but that still looks yummyyyy haha

Cowboy Dan said...

Aw shucks... Liz, the crew, and I really appreciate it. Thanks for posting about Liz Lovely!