Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A CLEAN craft room

Yeah I know I have never heard of such a thing either hahah! Now we will just ignore whats behind the door in the cubby...thats where I store all of my EXTRA supplies, haha my craft room is chock full to begin with and I need room for extras! No wonder its always a disaster area ha.

This is where I sit and chat in the etsy chatrooms for hours and hours!

My best friends, also known as sewing machines...one for me and one for Jessi.

my cutting table and the cool cubby hole rack that I found, perfect for paints and patterns! Oh, and my creepy mannequin, somethings she scares me when I come in here at night!

This is Jessis little desk for painting her awesome plaster castes! Her art rules and I cant wait until she opens her own etsy shop! Well, I am glad I documented that my craft room was at one time organized and somewhat uncluttered hahah, I need another room!!!! Tomorrows project: cleaning my extra supplies space hahah.. well I hope you enjoyed entering my little crafty world!


Diamondaj said...

Lol, love it : ) I just organized my craft space about a month ago and it's already a mess.

StarrlightJewelry said...

thats awesome I wish (and so does DH) I could have my own room. My beads and findings are spread across the apartment, some storage containers in the bedroom, kitchen and the bulk of it in the living room, lol.

nice manson pic btw ~.^

HolisticallyHeather said...

hahhah yeah
i traded someone on etsy for that drawing
jessi has liked manson since she was in 5th grade, i remember her coming over to chill with my sisters and seeing her in manson shirts, and thinking it was awesome hahah