Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wow its been a long long time since I have had time to update. Well the holidays were fun and busy busy busy! We spent 5 hours baking treats for all of the dogs in our lives, they came out great and the pups cant get enough of them. Where did we get the recipes? From a fellow vegan etsy team member and friend Molly at Emmas K9 Kitchen We had a blast baking all those yummy snacks for our pups, and made a big mess of grammas kitchen at the same time haha, dont worry we cleaned it up! It is hard thinking of what I have been up to because I have felt lately like my days are far too short! Like theres not enough time in each day to get things done and enjoy life and take in the cool winter air.
I did post a ton of ribbon on my etsy site, that I am destashing for the New Year!
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Check back soon for a new giveaway, its been a while!!


Lncgreetings said...

good luck to you and your shop for the new year...and i have my eye on that veg cookbook part deuce haha...the recipes have been amazing, and (gasp) i have even begun venturing out and creating my own awesome tasty options! thanks again!

HolisticallyHeather said...

im really glad you like the recipes. creating your own masterpieces when cooking is the best, i do it a lot. I basically use recipes as a guideline and then let the creativity to flow. good luck with you in the new year, and i hope you have a good cooking year!

Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

I'm so happy that you had fun making the recipes!