Friday, December 5, 2008

craft fairs and derrieres

Well not really on the derrieres, but I always loved that word and thought it was hilarious when I was a kid! So I have officially had my first craft fair, and it was a blast and a load of stress haha. I was sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing for weeks to get ready for a craft fair, then due to an emergency I couldnt do that one, and had to do a different one. But thats neither here nor there. It was a blast, I met some really sweet people, and got some interesting responses to my reusable menstrual pads! Imagine this cute little pad causing all the trouble...haha..hard to imagine but she did. So the first lady that came up thought it was to scrub your oven, which thinking back I should have just gone along as she was ready to buy haha...when I told the first lady what they were she just gufawwed and walked away. Then we had many more kitchen related guesses, reusable hand towel for dishes (insert older woman placing a pad on her hand as thought she is going to wash dishes with it haha) So that was entertaining, what was even better were the people who knew what they were and they were totally stoked! There was even a man who walked up and said to his wife "hey dont you need a couple more of these" and got her a little gift. I learned a lot from my first craft fair, met a lot of people, and had a lot of fun. I also learned that food is wayyy more expensive at a craft fair than at the actual dine in place. I looked around at the other vendors and was very impressed and took away some tips and ideas that I will carry with me to future fairs. The woman across from me was remarkable, she made quilts that fold into pillows and unfold back to blankies with a spot to keep your feet warm. I wish I could find her business card! So much creativity and talent at craft fairs, I cant wait to go again! So here are a couple of photos of my table and us being awesome haha

Jessi dorkily presenting my items haha

Some photos of our table setup, and then a dorky photo of myself. hah
Overall the craft fair was a good experience, and people said that for a first craft fair I did pretty well with sales, especially considering my items are mostly specialty items! In honor of an awesome craft fair, this month all orders over $10 in my online shops will get a free organic lipgloss!


rawn said...

Heather! Thanks so much for being a part of Tight Knit. Z and I learned so much the first time around, the next one will be even better and we hope you can make it again. I'll be shopping your etsy soon, I really wanted one of the heating "ouchie" pads! Take Care-Rachel!

HolisticallyHeather said...

awesome, keep in touch!