Sunday, November 9, 2008


Jessi just made some of the most DELICIOUS pancakes, she just took the leftover batter from food not bombs, added some frozen local organic blueberries, and yummmmm....they are our pre-dinner snack hahah....we tend to snack, if you didnt guess!

Other than that I wanted to share a photo that Jess took of Penney, the cutest dog ever that happens to live here with us....keep in mind this photo was snapped of her just sitting the way she does. She is definately part human, cat, dog, monkey, deer, and horse....all the animals are for different reasons...see if you can guess what she is in this photo haha

look at that sexy pose!! hahah


Rosebud Collection said...

I love the dog photo.What a cute dog..Pancakes didn't look bad either..

kim* said...

she is precious

Mayhem said...

Penney is a cutie! and blueberry pancakes - yumm