Saturday, November 22, 2008

its time for saturday night dinner!

Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner, I used to love those nights when I was a kid. Cereal for dinner was the best as a little kid, you feel like you are breaking some sort of rules, but in reality its mandated by your parents...its the best!
We are having tofu scramble and rye toast!

Tofu scramble is sooo easy
chop half a medium onion and about 4 cloves of garlic ( i use more, use what you want!)
put a little bit of oil or margarine in your cast iron, and heat it up a bit
Throw the onions and garlic in there to saute
while that is happening chop up a bunch of kale leaves, about 8 button mushrooms
and squeeze the water out of your tofu
After the onions and garlic are sauted add the tofu and mash and scramble it, add some tumeric to give it a nice orange glow and a little flava....this is when I add some Braggs and nutritional yeast for the cheesey flavor. Let it simmer a while then add the kale and shrooms, add some pepper, garlic powder, onion powder...more tumeric, more nutritional name it you can add it
just make it how you like

Then munch! I love to eat mine with some homemade hot sauce on the side and some rye toast! YUM


artsyclay said...

This looks really good! I'll have to try it sometime. :)

Berry Creek Candles said...

Wow heather that looks really good!

Meekiyu said...

o that looks good... I love tofu and mushrooms! I remember in college when it's finals week the school ahd something called Midnight Breakfast and they served breakfast fro 10pm to 3am for free...

Casey said...

Your post made me remember I forgot to put onions in my dinner. No wonder it didn't taste right!