Sunday, November 2, 2008

being an aunt is a pretty beautiful thing!

Yesterday my sisters came over to visit Jessi and see that shes recovering from her surgery and all that. Amanda brought my niece, Audrina, and she is really growing up so fast. That phrase is no joke... She was born in May and since I dont get to see her much each time that I do she is like a totally different little human. Now she sits up and doesnt have rubberband neck, which freaks me out and makes me really scared to hold little babies hah..She laughs and coos and is always smiling. For some reason small children LOVE me, maybe its the piercings, and the goofy glasses and hair..or maybe they can tell my mothering nature haha..whatever it is, that baby loves aunt Heather! My sister was getting her ready to leave and put on this furry pink bunny eared jacket thing. All I could think of was the movie "A Christmas Story" when the aunt buys the little boy the pink footsie pajamas with the bunny ears and his mom makes him wear it! HAHHA My family always watches atleast part of that movie on Christmas day. So here are some photos of my nieces ridiculous attire!
One photo is me holding her and the other is her and her mommy, my sister Amanda.


Michele Reed said...

she is a CUTIE-PIE!! i love being an aunt! my sister was kind enough to provide me three extra children to love on besides my own...(the youngest is 8 now i am missing the BABY stage!!)

HolisticallyHeather said...

this is the first baby of our family...and the first baby ive ever held haha
Audrina is the first everything haha