Saturday, October 18, 2008

menarche gift set for a special girl!

Know a special young lady who will be making the journey from girl to woman, this would be the perfect gift. It is time we celebrate our bodies as women, and pass that along to the young ladies in our lives.

Let's start with the nifty reusable gift bag, with a vulva sewn on the front. Perfect size for all the items in this gift!

Then you will receive 3 circular reusable pads, the top layer is organic fair trade hemp, the bottom is zebra print fabric, they will also come with 2 inserts. These pads are great because the circular design makes the wings wider, and more protection against leaks
You will get a matching zebra print cramp pillow, throw it in the freezer for a cool soothing effect on your cramps, or microwave it briefly for some warmth to your pain.
You will also get a zebra print reusable pad carrying clutch, it is lined with pul, therefore it is waterproof and can be wiped clean. It also has a small sachet filled with lavender in it, to keep your bag smelling fresh. The little sachet can be easily refilled as well.
You will receive a copy of the zine to chart your menstrual cycle with.
Last but definately not least you will get an organic lavender sleepy pillow, in zebra print. It is filled with organic flax and organic lavender, and will help lull you to sleep and get enough rest during your menses.

I was reading the book "The Red Tent" and thinking more about how we used to celebrate being women, and it is really sad that its now a taboo. Our moms throw us a tampon and run out of the room to avoid a discussion. Let's bring back the celebration, and share the beauty with the other women in our lives. I also added some new designs for pads, strawberries and zebra print.
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