Monday, October 6, 2008

d.i.y paper recycleing!

The other day Jessi and I decided we were sick of looking at our huge pile of paper that needed to be we dragged it out to the curb and said forget it! Nah just kidding hahah...our paper is totally used up by the time we decide to recycle it, we keep it in a bin for scraps when we just need to write something down quick. Our grocery lists end up on the backs of old reciepts. So, anyway it was getting out of hand so we decided to make some pretty paper with leaves that had fallen in our near winter weather.

So I am going to go over the basic process, but without some sort of "kit" or handmade screen setup it will do you no good...tho we are working on making some kits up and once we get that all figured out I will fill in the details!

First you rip up a sheet of paper about the size of the wood and screen you have, add that to 1 c. of water in the blender and blend until it is a pulpy pretty paper type mixture

Then you pour the "pulp" into your screen and wood setup, while it is in a tub of water...spreading it and mixing it until it covers the whole screen in a semi uniform thickness
Then you pull the screen out of the water, place it on a cookie sheet and undo the screen straps...if you are going to place anything like flowers or leaves in there, now is the time.

Then you cover your new "paper" with a piece of plastic, using a sponge (or in our case a sham WOW) try to absorb as much of the water out of the paper as you will ring the sponge out many times.

Then you will remove the plastic VERY CAREFULLY from the paper, and put down some card stock. Using a solid piece of wood or something hard with a little weight you will push more and more water out, drying it as much as possible.

When you think you got enough water out of the paper, you will set it aside with dry-ish cardstock undernearth until you are all done with the paper. When you have made all the paper you want to make, pile it up, and put some heavy books on top of it to keep it flat while it dries. You can use an iron but I havnt done that before because I heard it tends to make the paper crack and weaken.

Viola here is our finished beautiful recycled paper!


The Seeker said...

Great post. I used to make paper years ago. It was time consuming, but fun. Also, you can press the pulp into old fashioned cookie cutters for a mold.

ashley said...

Thank you so much! I have been wanting to try this for a while. The pictures help me a lot.

Jen said...

You make it look so easy! I've tried it with the help of my kids and it didn't turn out so pretty!

Cathe Holden said...

Wow! What a fun post. Your photos with all the enthusiasm cracked me up. Good for you for taking something so annoying and making it so beautiful.

HolisticallyHeather said...

we try to have a lot of fun wiht our "projects" hahah
its always something around here!

Kari said...

Those leaf papers are very pretty!

The Ebon Swan said...

Oh WOW, the paper that came out of that project is just beautiful. I keep threatening to start making paper and show my girls how it's done...this may have been the kick in the butt to do it. ;)

curlymonkeyandco said...

Great post!! I need to try this with my girl, she's gonna love it!