Saturday, September 27, 2008


Remember those moronic Surge commercials? I just randomly thought of them as I was using my serger. Yes thats right, I finally got it threaded and ready to go, its pretty simple to use once you mess up a pad or 2 :( It looks like since I will now be serging my pads I have to change the design a bit, because you cant go around curved corners very well with a serger. You live, you learn. There are a couple of things I feel like blogging about today, the first is something outdoors. I wish I could be outside today, but its miserable, so I will dwell on the past, ha! Jessi and I found a beautifully constructed teepee on one of our adventures in the woods a few weeks ago. Our guess is that a homeless person from our area built it to live in, and when all the new houses and things went up around it, that person left. There is even a broom and dustpan in there, along with a fire pit.

I was thinking of selling some of the photos I took there, on my etsy...but that was always the problem with my photography...its been a toss up of whether or not I should sell or just appreciate it for myself? Any thoughts would be great!
I love going to the teepee and reading while Penney, our doggy friend, runs through the woods and chases critters. You should see her when I ask her where her "critters" are. HAH shes a really funny dog!

The other thing I wanted to blog about was my new niece, she was born May 28th! Her name is Audrina Marie, and shes a little nugget, only 6 pounds when she was born. Growing up noone in my family ever had babies, so she is the first baby I have held or cared for. It is really strange seeing my younger sister go from party girl to mommy all within a year. She is almost past the spaghetti/rubberband neck thing, so soon I will feel comfortable holding her and not be scared she will break!

Aunt Hillary and Audrina

Me holding Audrina when she was born, looking like a 12 year old boy! hhaha not my best look.....

Mommy and Audrina and Audrina smiling!

Yes, she is named after Audrie Hepurn, my sister is pretty into old movie actresses, she used to really dress like a pinup model.


Anonymous said...

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The Ebon Swan said...

Wow, that lodge (tipi, is really nicely done, that's a ton of wood to have to haul in and put together. All he needed was a few sheets of birch or sycamore bark and that sucker would have been winter-tight. He must've been planning on staying long term.

HolisticallyHeather said...

yeah its unfortunate that some huge corporation bought the land, is tearing down all the tress, and ripping off elderly people in the process....grrr
it is beautiful, and theres a little open area to let smoke out and everything
its pretty close to my dream house

kim* said...

ah too cute like mommy like daughter:)

Brandon said...

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