Sunday, September 28, 2008

Leopard Print Slugs

So Jessi and I were just sitting around talking about our compost and got on the subject of all of the slugs that live in there. They are huge! About 4"+, and they are really funky, they look like they are leopard print. So we decided to type leopard print slug into a google search engine. Dont you know, thats what they are actually called!

Here are some photos and fun facts about my composts inhabitants!

    • they have 4 tentacles on their heads, 2 big ones and 2 small ones
    • they live in fields, woods and gardens, enjoying damp dark places (ie. our compost)
    • they are mostly nocturnal, but will sometimes come out on rainy days
    • Leopard Slugs eat leaves, flowers, and fruits of plants. They will also eat mushrooms, carrion (dead animals), and will regularly hunt other slugs. So does that make them cannibals? It definately makes them love my compost with all the leaves, flowers and plants!
    • Leopard Slugs have many predators, including: toads, turtles, beetles, birds, flies, and fireflies!
    considered great pests by most humans and can cause considerable damage in gardens...bum bum bum...maybe they can behave in my garden? HAH fat chance.

    So there you have it, fun facts about leopard slugs! They are kinda cute, but I guess I wont be saying that when they are munchin my garden.


    Chokingonstatic said...

    That is so cool that they were actually called leopard slugs!

    Holly said...

    Leopard slugs are kinda cool. When I was really little I was SO scared of slugs for some reason. I remember even having night mare.

    And then - when I was a teenager I licked a slug during a girls camp. made my tongue numb for awhile. Good time :)

    HolisticallyHeather said...


    Anonymous said...

    OMG same thing here. i was walking my dog and saw it so i caught it and looked it up as leopard print slug and came to your website!

    Anonymous said...

    i have a 12 year old daughter that wanted a pet so she caught a slug. she has liked it so far, but didn't know what it ate. so i came to your site and learned all the stuff about slugs. she had it for 2 days and it gave birth!! now we have three content little slugs and one big one that are very happy in their new home. so thanks for the information on lepard slugs! =]