Wednesday, September 10, 2008

golden green goddess pizza

finally after a year of waiting since our last golden green goddess pizza,jessi and I made one last night. You cant possibly understand how delicious the pizza is without trying it out yourself. After a year of waiting it is even more delicious than i had remembered....but it is definately a committment of time and money,it is kind of pricey if you use all organic ingredients...and takes a while to make, but its delicious and totally worth it!

On another note, today I have to go to the dreaded mechanic and get an oil change on the truck so I can sell it as soon as possible. I really hate going to the mechanic, they always treat you different if you are female, and it makes me super nervous to sit there and wait. JERKS!

It seems like it is going to be a beautiful day out today and I want nothing more than to hop on my bike and ride around...but unfortunately I have a lot to get done! Some sewing and whatnot, some pizza eating...