Tuesday, September 2, 2008

beloved neighborhood cat, shot!

Has anyone seen agent black ( the friendly neighborhood cat who normally hangs out in trees)? My neighbor came across the street to ask me yesterday if I had seen his beloved cat, agent black. I was away all weekend attending some workshops, so I hadnt. The search began. We looked all over, hoping he hadnt been hit by a car, well it was much worse. We found agent black under the trailer in my neighbors backyard, he had been shot with a high power bb gun. He must have crawled under there where he finally died. An animal lover myself, and being rather good friends with my neighbor John, I know that this cat was his and his wifes BABY. So we tried to figure out what to do next, calling the cops of course did nothing. I live in a rather poor neighborhood, and I know John cant really afford to go adopt another cat, and it would never be the same as agent black...any ideas on something nice I could do for a fellow animal lover?


glitterstar said...

How terribly sad. I would consider giving them a nice card. Which might be kind of silly but I'm sure it would mean something to them.

HolisticallyHeather said...

yeah, i am hoping
i went outside last night and he was jsut crying on the porch where agent black used to hang out

we made them dinner last night, and spent timewith them
it sucks, because i know theres nothing i can say, i cant even imagine if penney got killed what i would do

Anonymous said...

Move out of America. Your country has a problem with guns.