Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I know I know I know its been a long long time!

Well I am FINALLY all moved in, wow what a crazy month it has been...sorry I have been unavailable and not on the ball about doing my giveaways! Things have been so hectic here, and on top of moving add in an unruly landlord who wants to play the "i wont fix anything or call you back" game! GRRRRR He even went so far as to cut our power off, good thing we know our rights and called the codes department on him!
So for our house warming party this past saturday we didnt even have power, but since friends from out of town were coming, we decided to have it we built a fire pit in the backyard, and told people to bring candles for when we were inside the house. The party turned out to be more fun because the power was out, and we got it back yesterday. Unfortunately I still wont have internet of my very own until sept 9Th, but things are coming together!
I am coming down with some sort of cold, I feel weak, sore throat, and I am achy all over....this is an odd occurance because I am very rarely will pass quickly I am sure, my immune system likes to kick colds butts!
Also, with all of this moving, my etsy stores are rather bare! I need some time and some power so I can get creative and get some new items on my website. Check out my trade blog for my latest trade that I am going to update today....I traded for a ton of yummy vegan food and candles, and I sent her 15 pounds of my sweet treats, yes 15 POUNDS! How exciting, and she really loved the items I made, so now all I have to do is get them posted on my etsy!