Thursday, August 28, 2008

Food Not Bombs Utica needs your help!

Check out the food not bombs website for more information

If you would rather donate directly using paypal
the email is

The local one is in utica, ny

Since many of my friends online couldnt possibly send food not bombs rice and beans and whatnot, I decided to set up a fundraiser for fnb....we are in desperate need of cutting boards and knives, along with the staples listed on our myspace. Food not bombs provides a weekly vegan meal to friends in need. Without donations and the volunteers that help cook food not bombs wouldnt be possible. Food not bombs basic idea is that all the money wasted on bombs could be spent feeding people(we could feed the whole world that way) and all of our food is reconstituted or donated. Thanks for checking this out, and thanks for helping us reach our goal
if you would like to repost this in your blog, that would be awesome! We are also planning to have a benefit music show soon...I will update about that when it happens!

A Food Not Bombs Wishlist

* Nutritional Yeast

* Legumes- beans, lentils etc.

* Oils- Extra Virgin Olive, soy, corn...

* Herbs & Spices

* Rice- wild, brown, white

* Other non-perishable vegan foods

* Hats, gloves, scarfs, jackets, and other warm winter clothes.

* Stock pots

* Monetary donations for necessities

Food Not Bombs Utica shares every Sunday, without fail, at NURSES PARK on Genessee st! We will be sharing a free hot vegan meal each and every Sunday at 2PM in Nurses Park. Please join us to help out with out next meal this Sunday, August 31!

Vegetable/ Food prep begins at 11:00 am every Sunday, right before the meal shares at 1406 Dudley ave. Please bring all recovered and donated produce to our new location at 1406 Dudley Ave. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us. If you can help with prep please come to our new location at 1406 Dudley Ave. New volunteers are always welcome!!

We can always use help with food and asset reclamation, securing donations from restaurants, businesses and grocers, food preparation, cooking, dropping off mealshare flyers at local shelters, distributing flyers and outreach, participating in meal-shares and cleaning up! We are a very small group and we could really use your help!!! Be MORE than just a MYSPACE FRIEND, actually get involved with the DIRECT ACTION!

If you have any extra clothing, please consider donating it to Food Not Bombs Utica. We give away lots of clean clothes each week. Think warm!

Email us at or call Heather at (315)796-6626


Jennifer said...

H'Heather: You have such a big heart! You are inspirational.

Treasures by Tina said...

What a wonderful idea! I didn't see where your organization is located?

HolisticallyHeather said...

we are in utica, ny
but there are chapters all over the world!
check out

Kylie B said...

Fantastic Cause!

heather knitz said...

Nice and good luck!