Thursday, July 17, 2008

New item added today!

I finally got around to adding a new is a pink skull makeup bag, a bigger version of one I already sold on my etsy! This one is 12" by 5" big enough to hold your makeup collection or whatever else you can think of!

Today has been a pretty good day, we went on another nature walk, and I brought my camera to do some photography ( I was a photo major in college and I want to start putting some of my work on my etsy) but my camera battery was dead! My luck! So I didnt get to take any pictures of this really beautiful teepee that we found the other day when we were hiking. Even tho I am stuck living in the city for right now, we can still go out and find little spots of beauty that make our day! It's amazing, but I still rather be in the woods!

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Ecstasea said...

I love nature and the outdoors too! Too bad about the camera battery, but I bet the pretty pictures will stay in your memory :-)

Vivian said...

Love the skulls! That will surely appeal to many. :)

HolisticallyHeather said...

thanks...yeha we will be gong back out there and i will get some nice shots!