Sunday, July 20, 2008

First Blog Giveaway

Inspired by some of my friends blogs, and the informative blog I posted earlier today!!! This will be the first of many giveaways! Intrigued by the reusables, but not sure if you are ready to dive in? This giveaway will be for a hemp reusable pad!
Go to my shop, and find the item you like the most, come back here and post the link (make sure you leave a way to get ahold of you if you win)

ways to get more chances to win

*Post about this giveaway in your blog
*Put one of my adds on your blog
*Purchase an item from my shop
*Purchase an item from the vegan etsy shop to benefit the animals

Once you do these please come post again in the comments and link me to what you bought or where you posted! Good luck, speard the word, and thanks again!

Winner will be drawn from a hat on August 1!!!


~*~ Nyny ~*~ said...


I like your betty boop tube top because I just love betty boop ^_^ nice work or

Sygnet Creations said...

I have no need to be the winner but I shall lookie through your shop just the same =)

That bamboo scarf is wonderful!! Good luck on your giveaway!!

Kitty said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I love that bamboo scarf you knitted!

Like sygnet creations, I have no need of your prize, so don't enter my name in your draw, but I'm just off to browse your etsy shop!

Take care :-)

Half-an-Acre said...

is that seriously what I think it is?

Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

So cool that you're doing this! I posted about it on the Vegan Etsy blog, so hopefully that helps to promote this a little more!

HolisticallyHeather said...

thanks emma, are you entering?

Jeda21 said...

Hi there!
I found out about you through the Vegan Etsy blog in my google reader. I'm always looking for ethical and vegan retailers on etsy, it's such a great community.
I really like your hand-knit scarf (, however it's outside my budget ;o|
All the best on your blog and store! I shall be back! ^_^
- J

Lilith Silvermane said...

#1 I love your site name.

#2 I love the article you wrote about reusable pads.

#3 I love the Polly the Punky Pink Skull Makeup Bag Clutch, I should get it for my daughter for the holidays.

Thank you for offering the giveaway


HolisticallyHeather said...

entry from vegan mama!

do I understand this right? I enter here?
I love the betty boop top, but I have nothing "here" to hold it up, so. . .
here is the link that I chose (being practical)

Vegan Mama said...

Ok Ok. . .I'll figure this out yet!!

I love all of your items. . .the scarf, the top, the wallet, make up bag. . .but since (i said before) I'm in a practical mindset. . .I'm going for the hemp fleece maxi.
I just made a purchase from EFA (mvegan5 cards and a bracelett from, hmmmm, I forget) and I would love to place this blog on my website. . .I'll do that now.

Anonymous said...

I love this doll, so empowering


Jennifer said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm a little scared of resuable pads, but you make some great points so it's worth a shot and I'm throwing my name in :-)

I love Agnes! She's awesome. My email is if I win!!!

TrendyShoppes said...

Thanks. I blogged about it:

::::Lula Boutique:::: said...

What a great idea!

Vegan Mama said...

I posted about you in my forum:

micaela6955 said...

I like the caution and love your period pads... cute ideas for "that time of the month!"

blueviolet said...

I love your handknit bamboo scarf!

I have also tried the diva cup and it works great and is comfortable. I never thought of a reusable pad before. Very interesting and intriguing.

Whimsical Creations said...

I like your Polly the Punky Pink Skull Makeup Bag Clutch, so funky & fun!
:-) melanie

Leslie said...

omg i love your blog and your passion for the cause you support. thanks for showing tiffy some love-- isn't she amazing! very inspiring, and you are as well! i am *trying* to work on being vegetarian again- i used to, then lamb kebabs happened lol. but the vegan cookbook is my favorite item-- will definitely help! :) also i am moving to a bigger city from a small po-dunk town so that will help too.

i really love your blog and your etsy shop serves a really good cause. you're definitely getting a link from my page! ;) if you have a plugboard button feel free to add it to!

one love,

xy said...

hey heather,

thanks again for making those reusable pads. they are real comfort.its really thoughtful for the girls. will promote it to my girlfriends. its a chance for the earth.


Keys and Memories said...

bamboo scarf handknit is my favorite item :)
I wear them all the time here in the winter.

randomethics said...

hmm... I just found your site today. I am really really intrigued by the reusable pad. And the more I read about it, the more I hope I win! :) hmm... maybe I should buy one now anyway. Thanks for giving us ladies some healthy alternatives!!

Jenn S. said...

I like the Betty Boop tube top. Very cute.

Monique said...

I really love your eco-friendly message. Your handknit bamboo scarf is lovely, I just love the feel of bamboo yarn. I have been using cloth pads for about two years and I could definitely use a new one. Thanks for the chance!

Jusacuz said...

I really love the bamboo scarf!

Liz D said...

It makes sense not to use something toxic from blocking something that should flow out.

I love the Bamboo scarf