Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Today's featured artist: Midnightbluadorn

Introduce yourself and give us an idea of what you have to offer in your shop
~My name is Teri Degenstien of midnightbluadorn. I offer unique, one of a kind pieces of jewelry that stem from my love of nature and my love of art! I have good prices and a huge appreciation of customers :)

How long have you had an etsy shop?
~I've had this Etsy shop for just under a year - before that, I was operating another shop [ ] which I have put on hold until I can get some actual art made and listed!

What do you do for fun?
~For fun, I've started to swim daily in our brand-spankin'-new 18ft pool (it only goes up to my waist though!) as I'm a Pisces through and through and can't help it! I also putter around our tiny house and play with our hilariously different 3 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs, while my fiance feeds his gaming-hunger playing World of Warcraft online!

What mediums/materials do you work with?
~I tend to work with what you see in my shop - paper, clay, chain, findings, plastic, ink and watercolours...but I'm starting to experiment more with fabrics, leather and other 'daunting' materials!

Do you have any other sites you sell/advertise on?
myspace, blog, flickr etc...
~I currently only sell on Etsy, but I have been known to promote in the past on a few crafty Livejournal communities.

What groups are you a part of on etsy?
~I'm afraid I've yet to become a part of a group on Etsy! I've always been quite shy about joining groups..perhaps in the near future :)

Any promotions currently?
~Yes! I'm currently having a 50% off sale if you purchase 4 or more items! ALSO, I'm having a promotional $25 give-away whereby any bloggers can promote me and be entered into a draw!

Anything else you want to tell us about?
~Sure! Don't hesitate to ask questions or make comments..I'm the type of person who loves to communicate via the internet! Custom orders are welcomed :) I'm home all day trying to make a living off of crafting and having fun, and if I can keep doing this, all shall be good in life!