Monday, June 30, 2008

happy new week! hah

So far this week I have added only 1 new item. Which is a wallet that I made out of a recycled pair of jeans. It was a lot of fun to make and I am really happy I finally figured out what to do with those jeans!
I am going to be working on some new items this week because the weather is supposed to be cranky! Today I have to run out and get more herbs for my organic dog collars, I actually ran out! After that I am going to check out my new apartment, I am so excited, it has been a few years since Ive lived alone with no roommates. My doggie modeling her organic dog flea and tick collar!

I am hoping to also get the part to my bicycle that I so desperately need...I love cycling but due to a knee injury I havnt been on my bike in months! I think I am all healed, now I just have to heal my bike hahah. Enjoy the nice weather if you have some today, there is a storm a brewin' here!